Are picnics allowed in Agimont ?

Yes. A picnic area is available on the terrace next to the cafeteria. However, drinks have to be ordered on site. Snacks and small meals are also available on site.

Are visitors to Agimont Adventure insured ?

Agimont has a civil liability insurance policy covering it against all damages for which it is liable.
This insurance policy does not cover damages resulting from visitors not respecting the recommended safety rules.

Can children do all of the courses ?

Yes from the age of 5 for the adventure and laser tag. 8 for low impact paintball, 12 for paintball and 18 for airsoft.  To play paintball i need 1 adult player per team in the field

Can dogs be brought to Agimont?

No. We ask you not to come with your pet, as you won’t be able to take care of it during your acrobatic course, and it can’t be allowed to run around in the park unattended.
The site is protected Nature area, and on site we have lots of other animals (ex.  sheep, goats, dear, etc.) 

Do the staff that supervise the “adventurers” receive any special training ?

Yes. The supervisors have been specially trained in supervision, and various obstacle course / acrobatic techniques.

Do you have to be really fit to complete an adventure course or paintball game?

Not at all. If you are in normal physical condition, you can enjoy yourself on the first obstacle courses. Paintball you can play as you like.

How long does the average visit to Agimont Adventure last ?

Usually visitors spend about 2 ½ hours on the courses.
But you can stay and have fun all day 

Is it possible to bring my own paintballs ?

Bringing your own paintballs is similar to bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant.


Is the paint from a paintball washable ?

Yes, Paintballs aren’t filled with real paint; it’s a gelatin ball ( used as an ingredient in food) filled. Paintballs are non toxic and 100% biodegradable. The paint stains will normally disappear from common textiles  just with water.

Is there a possibility to have a drink or eat something ?

We have a  type of cafeteria at our terrain, which is open during the break and after the game. We have snacks (crisps and chocolate, etc…) and drinks.

Our location is really close to the center of the city (Givet), where the possibilities to have a good ( French) drink or a meal are unlimited.

What happens during bad weather (rain, storm) ?

If the activity has to be stopped because of extremely bad weather, we offer a rain cheque or our indoor climbing hall. ( only happened 1 time in 20 year exisctance)
On the other hand, light seasonal rain does not mean that the courses have to be closed.

Which payment methods are accepted at the entrance to the park ?

The following payment methods are accepted:

- Cash

- Bancontact

- Credit cards (Visa, mastercard etc.)