Adventure 1: Jungle Book

Level 1: Jungle Book

Accessibility: 4+ years old.

30 Bridges max height: 1.5m

Low Adventure - adapted to the small age

The difficulty is progressive. Youngsters start on a small and lower course in order to get used to heights and obstacles.

Parents can either accompany their children on the courses or just stay on the ground to encourage the adventurers.

With a continuous belay system on cable, visitors are continuously connected to the lifeline (cable) from the start to the finish without any possibility of becoming unlocked - this provides the highest possible safety level. At the start of the trail, the visitors simply connect the lifeline into the belay device and they can run the whole trail – in term of safety, no specific further action is required. Which has numerous advantages (more impressive elements, the only thing which can stop us is our imagination, more convenience, no risk of injury)

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