Big Games and Open Days


Tippmann are proud to announce the Tippmann Big Game “1815 - 2015 - The Citadel”. This takes place on 2 - 4 October 2015.

This game is written and organized by Givet Adventure, the premier scenario event organizers in Belgium. We keep track of history when organizing hard core scenario games over many years, involving the use of a unique military location for this event in the Citadel of Givet.

With the support of Tippmann, the world’s leading scenario paintball equipment manufacturer, this will be a ground breaking 2 day hard core paintball event not to be missed.

Tickets for “1815 - 2015 The Citadel” will be capped at 300 players and go on sale 1st October 2013 @ only €30 for a 3 day event.

1st January @ 40€

1st June @ 50€

Tickets on site are sold @ 55€  

The Citadel is a national paintball event. The concept is to honor those who helped create the sport of paintball and have fun with your mates in a magnificent location. The weekend long event is a 2-day scenario event produced by Givet adventure which gives enthusiasts the unique opportunity to play paintball in a 90 acre paintball venue filled up with history, what is widely regarded as the must attend event of the year.

Info and reservation e-mail : or PM on Facebook Sheree "Black-Widow" Daniels



Open Days

Every 1st Sunday of the month you can attend our Open Day to play paintball in one of the best venues in the world. We do not come here for the battle, we are here to play have fun and drink a beer. We play paintball amongst friends, loosing or winning the game is not the issue we are here to try new fields and new gameplay. Sometimes we repel from cliffs to enter the game sometimes we play in an 800m tunnel system filled up with smoke.
An at the end we all join the campfire to hear the great stories.


Price €65 inc Paint  

Info and Reservation e-mail:


Biggame Citadel