Biggame Paintball 05/2016

friday 20/05 12 till sunday 22/05 18h

We are proud to announce The Citadel Big Game “ May 2016” supported by Tippmann...

This takes place on 20 - 22 May 2016.

This game is written and organized by Givet Adventure, the premier scenario event organizers in Belgium. We keep track of history when organizing hardcore scenario games over many years, involving the use of a unique military location for this event in the Citadel of Givet.

With the support of Tippmann, the world’s leading scenario paintball equipment manufacturer, this will be a ground breaking hard core paintball event not to be missed.

For this 3 day big game in one of the greatest paintball venues in Europe!!!!

TICKETS ARE NOW 25 € !!! Early bird promotion.

Paint = 50€/ box (SITE PAINT ONLY)
Free camping on site 

For Tickets and Info contact:

There are Hamburgers and Pastes + cool drinks will be sold by Mieke.