A dystopian 2017, ex-army officer John Henry Brennick and his wife Karen are attempting to cross the US-Canada border to Vancouver to have a second child. Strict one-child policies forbid a second pregnancy, so Karen wears a magnetic vest to trick the security scanners. A guard notices the trick and raises the alarm.

Brennick is caught, believing Karen to have escaped, and sentenced to 31 years in a private maximum security prison run by the "MenTel Corporation". To maintain discipline all inmates are implanted with "Intestinators" which induce severe pain or death, for serious infractions, as a form of physical control and mental conditioning. The prison is co-run by Director Poe, who oversees Zed-10, a computer that monitors day-to-day activities and represents MenTel. The prison itself is located underground, inside a deep pit that can only be crossed by a retractable bridge, while the prisoners are kept in overcrowded cells secured by laser walls.

No, our Fortress is only a wooden one, but you can play any thinkable scenario. You have tunnels, hills, woods and in the middle a 400m² fortress.