Paintball Equipment

The paintball equipment used may depend on the game type
However, almost every player will utilize three basic pieces of equipment:

Paintball marker: also known as a "paintball gun" or "marker", this is the primary piece of equipment, used to tag the opposing player with paintballs. The paintball marker We use is a FT12 from Tippmann the most solid Gun in the World even used for military training in USA or Canada.

Paintballs: The ammunition used in the marker, paintballs are spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances and dye. We use a Field paint which is made to combine Paintball, enviromental and Monument needs. These higher-quality balls are almost perfectly spherical, with a very thin shell to guarantee breaking upon impact, and a thick fill that is difficult to hide or wipe off during the game.

Almost all paintballs in use today are biodegradeable, however only few forfill the European standard. Our paintball is made in Europe!!  All ingredients used in the making of our paintball are food-grade quality and are harmless to the participants and environment.

Mask or goggles: Masks are safety devices players are required to wear at all times on the field, to protect them from paintballs. Today's goggles are derived from skiing/snowboarding goggles, with an attached shell that completely covers the eyes, mouth, ears and nostrils of the wearer. Our masks have evolved to be double lens Anti fog.

Additional equipment, commonly seen among frequent players, tournament participants and professional players include:

Pods and pod packs: The most common addition to the above "mandatory" equipment, pods are plastic containers, usually with flip-open lids, that store paintballs in a ready-to-use manner. Pods are available in many sizes, including 10, 80, 100 and 140-round sizes.
We offer all our players pods and belts for more comfort inside the Game

Paintball jerseys and pants: Our customers are given a clean coverall to use during the game if needed.  

Truck of paint