Rent the Citadel

You can rent our place for your event by 3 ways

1st only € 15 per player , you can rent the forest and the castle of Agimont 90ha forest surmounted by a 1000 year old castle.


You rent the Citadel exclusively for your airsoft or paintball event.

The total area is 90 hectares and consists of 50 hectares of forest and meadow where lies 60 bunkers, four Bastions, 2km dry moats and a total of 400 m tunnels. It also includes two full shooting ranges.

There are 10 different fields ranging from a cowboy village, a gold mine, a 900m² large fortress, a labyrinth, pirate ship etc.

Within the Citadel, there is an actual area of a real village containing 48 houses, 30 numerous bunkers, 800m tunnels, an underground hospital (4000m²) and 2 bastions. But also an infirmary which we have converted into our reception room. The other buildings in use are a heated safe area of 1000m², 3 apartments blocks with a total sleeping capacity of up to 600 players (to be renovated and completed).



You can rent the citadel per day (i.e. Except the apartment blocks) for a maximum price of €5000

€5000 inclusive per day regardless of the number of people present. So whether you bring 200 or 600 people, the price emains the same.

For the smaller clubs or organizers who are not able to collect 200 players can also rent the location. This is priced at €25 per player with a minimum of 50 players for the hire of a medieval military stronghold. Not just a castle or a WWI fort but a 16th century citadel in which a commando training camp was run until 2009.


€20 for a private/Walkon team.

In the moto "What you can do yourself, you do it better"

You can now organize your own skirm / biggame:
If you do not like crowded games and would rather play a private game with your team on a ground reserved exclusively for your team, this is possibly on every first and last Sunday of the month.

Prices per person

1 - 10: €25

11 - 20: €25 + 2 free entry

21 - 30: €25 + 5 free entry

31 - 40: €25 + 7 free entry

41 - 50: €25 + 10 free entry

51+: €20

Groups larger than 100 people, contact:

If you would like the Citadel to rent for your team or your organization. You may have to share the entire site with some other teams. There will be an hour grid drawn between the different teams so everyone can play in the most beautiful locations. The Citadel is divided by:

Combat Village (CQB)
Cowboy Town (CQB)
Teletubbies (tunnels and bunkers)
Fortress (tunnels, bunkers and a wooden fort)
Black Hawk Down (CQB)
Black Ops (Trenches)
Forest Village and Tunnels (Bunkers and 800m tunnel with two prisons from time of Napoleon)

2 different safe zones alone near the village and one in the forest near the cowboy town.


Up to 3 different groups are allowed

Only groups larger than 20 can claim exclusivity in the village (only if the other teams are ok that your small group plays in the village with them, for me that is not a problem)