The e-ticket is subject to the conditions of the Royal Decree of 18 November 2002 excluding certain distance contracts for the supply of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services from the scope of Articles 79 and 80 of the law of July 14, 1991 on trade practices and consumer information and protection (Belgian Official Gazette of December 3, 2002) for the sale of the park as well as the following specific conditions, which you accepted before purchasing the receipt:

The Agimont Adventure entry ticket is only valid if printed on white A4 paper, blank front and back. Entrance to the park is subject to checking the validity of your ticket. Good print quality is required. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible tickets will not be accepted and will be considered invalid. In the event of an incident or poor print quality, you must print your .pdf or .jpg file again. To check the good quality of the printing, make sure that the information written on the ticket, as well as the bar code, are clearly legible. The Citadelle – Givet ticket cannot be taken back, exchanged or refunded under any circumstances, even in the event of unavailability of all or part of the Agimont Adventure equipment following, in particular, bad weather or technical incidents. The Citadelle – Givet ticket is personal and non-transferable. The Agimont Adventure ticket is only valid on the date and under the conditions shown on the ticket. The acquisition of this ticket implies adherence to the internal regulations of the park. Agimont Adventure declines all responsibility: for anomalies that may occur during the ordering, processing or printing of the Citadelle – Givet ticket insofar as it did not cause them intentionally or as a result of negligence in the event of loss, theft or unauthorized use of the ticket. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit an Agimont Adventure ticket in any way whatsoever. The reproduction of the ticket and the use of the copy of this ticket are liable to criminal prosecution. In the event of non-compliance with all the rules specified above, this ticket will be considered invalid.

Article 1 – Scope.

These general conditions of sale are applicable to all contracts concluded through the Agimont Adventure site and third parties, subject to article 4 § 4 and articles 6 and 8 which are not applicable to the professional buyer.

If the contract is concluded with a consumer, these general conditions of sale only apply if it is a distance contract within the meaning of article 77, §1, 1° of the law of 14 July 1991 on trade practices and on consumer information and protection. Consequently, these conditions do not apply if, during the pre-contractual phase, the two parties are brought to meet physically.

Article 2 – Définitions

The seller is:

Agimont Adventure
Dénomination sociale : Cuylits Jan

Tva : Be 0722 484 803

Adresse de facturation:

Rue Du Manoir, 1
5544 Agimont

Tel: 0472699286

E-mail de contact :

The buyer is either a consumer or a professional.

The consumer is defined (within the meaning of article 1, 7° of the law of 14 July 1991 on trade practices and on consumer information and protection) as any natural or legal person who acquires or uses for purposes excluding any professional nature of the products or services presented by Agimont Adventure.

The professional is any person who does not fall within the definition of article 1, 7° of the law of July 14, 1991.

Article 4 § 4 and articles 6 and 8 of these general conditions of sale are not applicable to the professional buyer.

Article 3 – Offer

Information detailing the products or services that can be purchased on the Agimont Adventure website constitutes an offer to sell. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the offer is valid as long as it is present on the website.

However, Agimont Adventure cannot be bound by an offer which, for reasons beyond its control, contains errors.

Article 4 – Formation of the contract

§ 1. Steps to follow to conclude the contract

To conclude a sales contract, the buyer must go through the six ordering steps:

– 1st step “Online purchase”: the buyer selects the product(s) or the service(s), and the desired quantity.

– 2nd step: “Register”: the buyer identifies himself using a username and password. If he is not already identified, he fills out a form.

– 3rd step: “Profile(s) holder(s)”: the buyer provides the data concerning the other recipients of the order. He must attach a photo of the park entry pass/card holders: he chooses between several possibilities for providing the photos (immediate download, download within 7 days, mailing, deposit at the counter).

– 4th step: “Delivery”: the buyer chooses delivery by ordinary mail, by express mail or by collection at the counter. Regular postage and counter pick-up are free for the buyer, while the cost of express postage is borne by the buyer. Each type of delivery corresponds to a deadline which is mentioned on the site. For the purchase of tickets online, the buyer can download, directly after validation of his payment, the ticket(s) in .pdf or .jpg format. Tickets are to be printed on A4 paper in black and white or in colour.

– 5th step: “Summary”:

a summary of the order is displayed with the following elements: order number, product(s)/service(s) purchased, total price, address and delivery methods;

The buyer must accept the general conditions of sale to which a hyperlink is offered;

The buyer must confirm his order.

– 6th step: “Payment”: the buyer selects his method of payment. The banking information he provides is sent directly to Ogone, which manages and secures online payment. Agimont Adventure does not take cognizance of payment information. A message informs the buyer of the acceptance or refusal of his payment.

The stages of conclusion of the contract are offered in the following languages: French, Dutch, English.

§ 2. Buyer Consent.

The consent of the buyer is given to a summary page which is displayed at step 5: this step allows him to correct any errors, and to confirm his order.

§ 3. Time of conclusion of the contract

The contract is considered concluded when the seller receives the order confirmation from the buyer.

§ 4. Send confirmation.

At the latest at the time of delivery, the seller sends the consumer a confirmation of his order containing the following elements:

name and address of the seller, price of the product(s) or service(s) purchased, including delivery costs, delivery method and address.

Article 5 – Means of electronic evidence

As part of their relationship, the parties accept electronic means of proof, such as e-mails and records in computer systems.

Article 6 – Payment

The buyer pays the price of his purchases using a payment instrument authorized by Ogone. The payment module is directly managed by the Ogone company, none of the payment information is transmitted to Agimont Adventure.

Agimont Adventure declines all responsibility relating to the online payment process.

Following the payment process, the buyer receives a confirmation message or a message inviting him to restart the payment procedure in the event of a problem.

Article 7 – Refund policy

7.1 As from their purchase by the customer, the ticket(s) cannot be exchanged, resold or refunded.

7.2 In any case, a purchased ticket will not give rise to a refund, even if the ticket was not used by the customer.

Article 8 – Delivery

For the purchase of e-tickets online, the buyer can download, directly after validation of his payment, the ticket(s) in .pdf or .jpg format. Tickets are to be printed on A4 paper in black and white or in colour.