East Point

We proudly present to you:

‘The East Point’ of The Citadel, probably the most spectacular part of Claremont.
A concentration of Military architecture.

Last architectural relic of the military art of the seventeenth century in Northern France , the fort is perched on the cliffs of Pointe East Givet . This Citadel, built in 1555 by Charles V was then fortified by Vauban in the seventeenth century

With your imagination, imagine you are back in 1815 in a Napoleonic gunfight between French and Prussian Soldiers, you can still smell the gunpowder.
And if you listen well you can hear General Bourck yelling to motivate his troops.

During your visit our guide will explore with you:

  • Le Chateau "Living quarters of the old Citadel"
  • La Poudriere  "One of the largest and oldest gunpowder depot in the North of France"
  • La grand Galerie  "Endless Galerie of tunnels"
  • Le Moulin "Powder Mill"
  • And a large number of tunnels and bunkers making of The Citadel “The Invincible"

Including many view points, which you will discover a heavenly view over: Givet, Agimont, Rancennes and several other towns. You will also see The Meuse Valley "The Oldest River in the World".

This unique place in History will be open this Summer 2015.

Citadel Givet
Citadel Givet
la Poudriere
Point est
point est
grand galerie
pont levi
oost ingang
citadel paintball
citadel givet