Brief summary of the rules.

• Crony: 350FPS 450 bolt action sniper game more fun and less bruising.

• Crony paintball 280 Fps

• Safety is our main occupation keep out of an area where you should not be the playing field is big enough. Don’t cross any fence.

• A barrel condom or plug is required in the safe zone

• Marshals are there for are better and more fairplay  gameplay resprect theme.

• The playing field will occupy us fibua village and the area with several bunkers and tunnels for some parts of the playing field lamps are needed.

• Pregnant Woman cannot play 

• For your safety, wear eye protection and preferably a full face mask during the game!

• No bangs my neighbors wish for a quiet afternoon.

• Not in camo on the road.

• The transfer of real weapons is strictly prohibited.

• keep 10m of distance.

• Any kind of drugs is prohibited!!! If the staff of Givet Adventure use or transport of both hard and soft drugs notice they are obliged to contact the local (French) police. France has a 0 tolerance to drug use !!!!!

• The only place alcoholic beverages may be consumed is the Ordinary where Givet adventure has a "license 4" features. So some beer can be consumed in this building since it was sold by Givet Adventure.

• As our sport can still be dangerous will be severely occurred in abuse of this rule to protect you especially compared to any players in drunken or drugged condition. Thank you for your understanding.

• Any kind of fire is prohibited. No Campingaz no BBQ's (no form of fire!)

  • To enter tunnels ore bunkers a tactical lamp is an obligation!