A little reminder of the rules

  • The whole site is a non-shooting zone, only in the play zone and in the crony zone you are authorized to shoot (even when empty)
  • At any time you carry your cannon bag, this bag you can remove it at the signal of the start of games.
  • Eye protection is mandatory, we recommend facial protection!
  • Crony airsoft: AEG 350 Fps, Sniper 450 Fps (shot by shot, no full auto)
  • Crony paintball: 280 Fps
  • It is forbidden to play outside the areas provided for the games, respect the fences and barriers put in place.

Common sense rules and respect for the environment and the neighborhood.

  • All types of pyrotechnic objects making noise are prohibited. Out of respect for the neighborhood and especially not to offend the inhabitants of Agimont just a few meters below where you are.
  • Not in uniform on the public highway.
  • It is forbidden to bring weapons, real ammunition (even empty), bladed weapons on the field.
  • Leave the place as you found it when you arrive. Destroy nothing (with or without replicas) do not move anything, garbage, etc.
  • keep 10m distance
  • Consumption of narcotics is prohibited and in case the staff of Agimont Adventure notices the consumption or port of narcotics. You will be expelled from the site. Since any consumption of soft and hard Drugs is strictly prohibited in France. Agimont Adventure may contact the authorities in the event of violation of this rule.
  • The only place where alcoholic beverages (only beer) are allowed is the ordinary where Agimont Adventure was able to obtain a license 4.
    As such, only the beer sold by Agimont Adventure is consumed in this building.
  • Since we do all a sporting and relatively dangerous hobby, the intake of Alcohol outside the site is not authorized so that you can fully enjoy the places and games offered by Agimont Adventure without falling on a player in an alcoholic or even drug state. .
  • In the event of alcoholism, one of your comrades will be designated as BOB to drive you home.
  • Every form of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • To enter the tunnels or casemates (dark) a touch lamp is mandatory!
  • Pregnant woman are not allowed to play.