Laser Paintball

Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and painless way to play paintball without the mess! Unlike traditional paintball and other laser tag systems, Paintball Laser Tag can be enjoyed indoor and outdoors. By adapting real paintball markers with the high-tech Eagle Eye™ Laser System.

Our easy to use CCM software lets you set-up and manage a game in no time.

Eagle Eye Laser Tag System EAGLE EYE™ SYSTEM

The Eagle Eye System gives you the feel and sound of a real paintball marker. You have a laser tag system that gives you the same recoil that you would feel with a real paintball marker. In fact, the sound of the trigger activates the laser. This is the closest thing to a real paintball experience.

The Eagle Eye and Barracuda System’s infrared LED and radio-frequency technology lets field operators:

• create custom games• set ammunition levels• select number of lives• determine game time Command Center for Laser Tag Systems

The Command Center Module (CCM) simplifies game setup, startup and management. When connected to any computer through a USB port, the CCM functions as a mini-server, tracking and broadcasting player hits, shots and kills in real-time. Quickly print game statistics, or automatically upload them, letting players see how they stack up against the best Paintball Laser Tag players around the world.

Our unique lasertag system, stands up to tough outdoor conditions and still provides a realistic paintball experience.

You can already play lasertag from 4 years old.