Seulement des chaussures de sport ou de marche car l’ensemble de l’équipement est fourni : baudriers, longes et mousquetons.

From 5 years old for adventure and laser paintball, 8 years old for 50 cal paintball, 12 years old for paintball and 18 years old for airsoft. For paintball, 1 responsible adult per team is required.

No. It is not a real paint but a biodegradable and water soluble product.

No. With a normal physical condition, you can already have fun on the first acrobatic courses and do most of the playgrounds.

The more athletic ones will then venture, if they wish, on the more difficult courses!

Yes. Les moniteurs sont spécialement formés à l’encadrement, au secourisme et à la technique des jeux acrobatiques.

Children must be accompanied by an adult on site. For the little ones (5 years old), an adult must be present on the course.

Our Adventure Parc is insured for civil liability against any damage resulting from its liability.

The insurance does not cover damage resulting from a visitor’s failure to comply with the recommended safety rules.

No. When you go to the bistro, you don’t bring your own beer!!

The activity may be interrupted due to severe weather. A spare ticket will be given.
(In 30 years of operation, we’ve only had to close the park once because of the storm.) Small seasonal rains are not a reason for course closures. Shelters have been set up in case of rain.

Our visitors stay about 2h to 2h30 on the routes. But there is plenty to have fun all day.

Yes. A car park exclusively reserved for Agimont Adventure visitors is available. It is free, but not covered by insurance in case of theft.

Sorry dogs and paintball noise don’t make good friends. To protect your best friend, please leave him at home. In addition there is a herd of sheep in our park, they do not like dogs at all, it scares them so much that sometimes they abandon their young … Thank you for your understanding.