Agimont Lawn Care

Grass grows in Agimont, lots of grass. For ecological and economic reasons, the majority of this grass is grazed by sheep, goats and fallow deer.

You will of course be able to see these animals freely during your visit.

The goats are free, you can even meet them during a game of paintball.

You will mainly find the sheep on the cowboy village and the Walking DEAD field.

Deer wander in the forest but are very shy.

1 emblematic species in Agimont


The great Rhinolophus, the jewel of our tunnels, hibernates there all winter, choosing for that the warmest and quietest areas. Its horseshoe-shaped nose and 80 kHz sonar make it hard to confuse. He sets up his breeding colony in a very warm location, from where the young of the year leave to hunt dung beetles and coprophagous insects in the neighboring meadows.