La zone de sécurité - Safe Zone

The Safe Zone

Very important: an area where you can rest from the fight with a coke or other cool drink.

In winter you can even find a wood fire there for more conviviality.


My favorite field! It is very tough and you can play different games on it.

Woodlands is a playground for stronger or brave players: pits, mud, etc.

Only death by “HeadShot” makes the game even more interesting, would you dare to measure yourself against it?

Jurassic Paint

New from 2023 !

In an Ardennes forest, Jurassic Paint was born.
T-rex, brachiosaure, triceratops and other dinosaures.

Very nice ground for large groups and for “old-school” games: “Capture The Flag” or “Team Deathmatch”.


In a large underground laboratory, scientists are mysteriously murdered when one of their experimental viruses is released… Not long ago, a young woman, Alice, woke up in a luxurious bathroom in a grand mansion.

Under this mansion is hidden the Hive, the secret laboratory of a large biological research company: Umbrella Corporation. It’s up to you to enter the Hive and find Alice in not so Wonderland.


Small field for small groups of players (maximum 10). You can play different games, like “Capture The Flag” or a “Deadmatch”.


Battlefield Vietnam

A scenario with 7 tanks, trenches, etc.

One of our biggest maps, ideal for large groups.


When the infamous San Andreas Fault finally opens and causes a magnitude 9 earthquake in California, a mountain rescue helicopter pilot and the wife he’s estranged from Los Angeles head for San Francisco in the hope to save their only daughter.

As they embark on this dangerous journey upstate, thinking that the worst is soon behind them, they soon realize that the reality is far more dire.

Oblivion "Walking dead"

Hardcore Speedball

One of the most popular playgrounds in Agimont. There are 82 houses and 82 zombies in this maze to eat your brains out. A quick game to play.

Campers and snipers are not welcome in this terrain. Here speed, slides and sport are in the sunlight.

Ideal field for:

  • Treasure hunt
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture The Flag
  • Central Flag


Beautiful open map with 40 small houses in a beautiful orchard. To be played preferably when the apple trees are in bloom or, precisely, when the fruits are ripe.

Village - Domination


A village with 15 houses, a river and a large mound of land. There are 7 visible mobile flags in this map. Idéal for a scénario “Domination” ou “King of the Hill”.

Village - Capture the Flag

Capture the flag

About twenty small wooden houses, a church with its bell tower, a stagecoach, etc. The ideal setting for different scenarios:

  • “Goldrush”
  • “Liberate the prisoner”
  • “Burn Down the church”
  • “Team Death match”
  • “Capture the flag”


One of our smaller lots, inspired by the Indian theme.

Big rocks, teepees in a dark and black forest.

Idéal for a “Team Deathmatch”.


Nemesis is the executrix of justice, the justice of Zeus, transmitted by Hermes according to the Olympian organization of the world, but it is clear that she pre-existed him because her images associate her with several goddesses who are manifestations of the ancient Great Goddess: Cybele-Rhea, Demeter and Artemis.


Soon in Agimont.

On October 3, 1993, a Somali informer revealed the holding of a meeting of members of the rebel faction near the Bakara market. Special forces launch a helicopter raid, Delta Force operators must capture rebel leaders, with rangers tasked with covering them.

The operation, which was supposed to take place in thirty minutes, goes wrong when the militias of Aidid’s faction counter-attack en masse and notably manage to shoot down two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (literally “black hawk” which, once on the ground, are announced as “Black Hawk down”).

In an attempt to save the occupants of the Black Hawks (one of the army’s mottos being “leave no man behind”, i.e. no man must be abandoned), the American units continued the engagement, in a city ​​that has become a real mousetrap… It’s up to you to finish the story!


The Light Helicopter Experimental, or LHX, program was a United States Army project to acquire light helicopters to replace the AH-1 Cobra and OH-58 Kiowa, and gave rise to the RAH-66 Comanche, which did not, however, go beyond the prototype stage.


4 AT-AT, AT-ST even T-fighters…

Fight your way down this fiels as Luke et Han.

Starwars II

The Galactic Empire is more powerful than ever: the construction of the new weapon, the Death Star, threatens the entire universe…

Han Solo est remis à l’ignoble contrebandier Jabba le Hutt par le chasseur de primes Boba Fett.

After the failure of a first escape attempt led by Princess Leia, also arrested by Jabba, Luke Skywalker and Lando manage to free their friends.


The map for small groups, no more than 4 players!

6 small planes, ideal for a “Team Deathmatch” or “Capture the flag”.

Black Pearl

The most beautiful, the greatest, the most mythical, the best! There is only 1 Black Pearl in Agimont, but it is THE map you must play.

The Black Pearl, formerly the Wicked Wench, is a pirate ship led by Captain Jack Sparrow. Recognizable by its black sails, the ship is most famous for the curse that weighed on it after the mutiny of Hector Barbossa, making the ship a cursed vessel feared by all.

Lord of the Rings

New map under construction, opening in 2024

Dark Lord

New map under construction, opening in 2024


The castle!

Our most prestigious setting!

Some players travel up to 3000 km to play on this paintball field. Named the “World’s Most Stressful Paintball Game”.
Nowhere else can it be played in a castle of this type, where you keep your opponent at the foot of the castle and you dominate the whole game.

Dozens of hits per defensive player is the norm. But the cunning opponent will find one of the three hidden access routes. The game then becomes 100% CQB (Close Quarters Battle Of Urban warfare), bloody fights, smothered in tiny cramped spaces.

Your impregnable fortress then becomes your mausoleum, escape is impossible.

I only have 1 Castle Map so it is impossible for all my customers to play on this scenery, it all depends on availability at the time. There are only 8 hours in a day, an average game takes 1 to 1.30 hours at the Château.

First come first served.

We take into account your paintball experience.
This scenery is only accessible to the most advanced players.


Map in the middle of nature, the largest in Agimont.

Ideal for more complex game scenarios.


New map under construction, opening in 2025


New map under construction, opening end of 2023

Death Valley

New map under construction, opening in 2024

Test Track

This is where all the games begin!

You will be able to test your rifle to better play in your respective fields.