Congratulations on winning the Aladoo auction!

Agimont Paintball is the largest field in the Benelux. With 26 different areas, you play each game in a new setting, with a new mission. A bit like a video game, but in real life!

Your attention !

Your reservation will be taken into account only after reception of the 50€ of deposit “no show” which will be returned to you at the end of your day of paintball.

Please print your Aladoo voucher on an A4 sheet and bring it to the reception desk as proof of your voucher on the day of your arrival. Without presentation of this Vavabid voucher on an A4 sheet, no proof being given, you will be asked for a supplement!

Since paintball is a group sport, a common addition is always made for the group. A breakdown of individual consumption is available.

On-site payment is possible by credit card for a minimum of 50 euros.

Some tactical advice

  • Attention: For your safety and the legislation in force (judgment no. 221.879 issued on December 20, 2012) access to the forests is impossible after 6 p.m. or sunset.
  • Mud and paintball go hand in hand. Sports or mountain shoes are not an unnecessary luxury. Football boots are great.
  • For all of our activities, we also advise you to wear suitable sportswear.

The price of extras per person:

  • 100 additional marbles + different playing field: €10.00/pers. or a bag of 500 marbles is €40.00/pers., at the price with a reduction for anyone in the group taking the same formula as the whole group.
  • Protective clothing (overalls): €5.00
  • Additional person: €15.00/pers.
  • Soda : 2,50 €
  • Bunny costume: €30.00

Conditions & particularities

  • Jumpsuit is not included. You can rent it on site for €5 per person.
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • It is not allowed to bring your own equipment; ( gun)
  • The package includes max. 50 paintballs per person (You can buy additional marbles on site)
  • You are entitled to 2h30 of play on the field. The game is over when your 50 paintballs are used. Want to avoid running out? You can buy extra on site.
  • Minimum age: Children can play paintball from 8 years old but 1 responsible adult per team is required. (i.e. 2 adults for 2 teams)
  • It is not possible to combine two Aladoo VOUCHERS, to obtain more marbles.
  • Reservation changes are not possible. A date cannot be changed after making a reservation.
  • Agimont Adventure asks for a deposit of 50 € in case of withdrawal (NO SHOW)

Come join us

All roads lead to Agimont, but can you please take the less constraining road to the village of Agimont? It’s a small detour, but ultimately, faster.
Attached is a small map of this “greener” route.