A unique experience in Europe!

Nowhere else will you be able to play like at the Château d’Agimont!

Airsoft is a game using replica firearms – we do not use the term weapon because they are not – propelling plastic balls of 6 or 8 mm and a mass varying between 0.10 grams and 0.43 grams.

For propulsion; replicas can use compressed air, pressurized gas, batteries or, for so-called “spring” replicas, a simple spring (reloading and manual cocking).

There are many rules of the game, all of which originate from a scenario established between the players before the start of the game. It can be “capture the flag”, “one ball per player” or even scenarios that involve “a VIP” who must be protected.

Agimont Adventure offers 100ha of varied playgrounds, including terrain specially designed for the pleasure of airsoft. Like the 3rd village: Black Hawk down, genuine 100% CQB.

Our Game areas

The quality and realism of our grounds have contributed to making La Citadelle the #1 destination for thrill seekers. The park offers a variety of scenario fields which have different themes that create a “one-of-a-kind” memorable paintball experience!

Our center offers a whole range of fields that take advantage of the relief to add realism. Some terrains have been designed to take advantage of the various natural obstacles that are found on the site: tunnels, bunkers, casemates, shell holes, to name a few.

We Build 4 new fiels per Year. So you never know what to expect! Some layouts are simple like bridges and bunkers while others like Houses, Churches or Water Towers are breathtaking!